Introducing I4A-Communities

A world-class Community platform built for Internet4associations' membership management software.  INCLUDED at no additional charge in I4A-Enterprise.  Upgrade from I4A-Membership with NO SET-UP FEE.  No API.  No exporting or importing of data.

Because it is built by and for I4A, it interacts with members who are logged on regardless of where they may be on the site; with real time alerts of: direct messages, forum and blog posts, likes, or comments on their blog.  Plus a visible display of pending notifications on all of the above.


I4A-Communities encourages not just member engagement with your association but critically also with each other. In these times, services like Communities add value to your organization and its website. Communities brings people together deliberately. Because this is fully integrated in our membership software this interaction is not restricted to a separate forums area or subdomain website. Members are engaged throughout your site, drawn and encouraged to participate.

Communities provides a vehicle for your most expert members to bring their advanced knowledge to the fore. It allows other members to seek out that advice and knowledge. Detailed forums provide a targeted way to delineate areas of expertise in a fashion no other product can.

Communities makes your site a destination. It encourages relationships between members. It's not purely a website. As members post to threads or simply elect to follow threads, they are notified by email of any subsequent posts.

Blogs provide a second avenue for members to both participate and express themselves. They encourage connections between members, strengthening connections and your organization.

Staff can also fully engage, as staff, no pseudo member account. Use Communities as a vehicle to promote your organization's message in a targeted, detailed manner.

Communities allows you to provide a personalized experience for each member. The "feed" actively selects posts they are subscribed to, blogs they are following and notifications of likes, comments, posts and direct messages.

Surprisingly, "likes" are a lure that brings members back to your website again and again.


Be the center of your members' online experience with I4A-Communities. Communities includes targeted email, direct messaging, threaded discussion in forums and a personalized experience fully integrated with your membership software that you will not find anywhere else.



Because I4A-Communities is created by and for I4A it instantly recognizes changes in your membership database.  There's no API or exporting/importing of data to recognize new members, or changes in member status.

Group definitions in your membership database are also recognized allowing for forums private to particular groups YOU have defined within your membership.


I4A-Communities is INCLUDED in I4A-Enterprise.  If you are an I4A-Membership client, all that is required is a simple upgrade.  No set-up fee.  We can enable it immediately. 


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